Visit of A Delegation of SPIC and SEP Supervisors and Directors to Malta and Montenegro Projects

By Zhang Yuanyuan

From Nov. 2 to 8, 2017, a delegation of supervisors and directors from SPIC and SEP investigated the ongoing power projects in Malta and Montenegro, accompanied by Xia Meixing, Deputy General Manager of SEP.

On the morning of November 3, a symposium was held, at which the CEO of SEPM, Sheng Baojie reported to the delegation the performance of packaged preliminary works and international operation of power projects in Malta and SEPM's experience and lessons in enterprise operation in the past three years. The delegation highly appreciated SEPM's energy projects. They said, SEPM attached great importance to communication, benefit and team building and made excellent achievements in international operation, standardized management and cultural fusion. The Malta project is the quintessence of Belt and Road projects. The Chairman of Supervisory Board of SEP, Zhao Yazhou, pointed out, "Malta project is small but excellent, as it has a reasonable superstructure design, a good business model, and solid preliminary preparations. At present, the 'going abroad' strategy of building a European management and control platform by leveraging Malta as a springboard is being smoothly implemented. We are particularly grateful to all the staff of SEPM for your contribution to the international operation of SEP." Then, Deputy General Manager of SEP, Xia Meixing made a concluding remark, stating that the successful experience of Malta project is worth promotion. She hopes SEPM will seize the opportunities in Europe and make intensive efforts to strengthen enterprise operation and management and talent cultivation, so that it can contribute more values and more talents to SEP's sustainable development in abroad and practice the great spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress "Remain true to the original aspiration and strive forward".

In the afternoon, the delegation went to D3 Power Generation Co., Ltd. to understand the achievements made by D3 in Oil-to-Gas Project, cultural fusion, team building, talent training and social responsibility.

From Nov. 6 to 8, the delegation went to the Mozura Wind Farm in Montenegro, where they examined the various site work, including construction management and work safety management. The delegation highly praised the site work progress and wished the project a complete success.

The delegation also visited China's Ambassador to Malta, Jiang Jiang, and Commercial Counselor, Zhou Shijie. They exchanged views on the development of projects in Malta and the economic and trade links between China and Malta. Ms. Xia extended gratitude in behalf of SEP to the embassy for its great supports and helps.

The CEO of SEPM and personnel from the Securities Department of SEP also participated in the above activities.