Talent Concept

Talent is the first resource of enterprise. The talent concept involves placing talent, talent development, utilization and retention as well as guiding ideology and values at the forefront of company development.Shanghai Electric Power Malta implements a "specialized, professional and international" talent-development strategy, towards awarding those that endeavor to achieve as it seeks to welcome those who are people-oriented, rigorous and pragmatic in their work, endorse the values of honesty and loyalty, are willing to work towards attaining harmonious win-win co-operation, strive for excellence, are in possession of significant professional accomplishments and are eager to work towards creating value to further company development. Shanghai Electric Power Malta fully encourages those who work hard to obtain results which lead to the conception of the mechanism and sets an atmosphere that may be epitomized through the principle of "giving precedence to those who endeavor for excellence, sidelining those who remain indifferent". The company also provides those who set high standards for themselves while aspiring for success, which allows them to combine sound capabilities and proficiency with consistent effort and discipline to achieve success, with opportunities and a stage that seeks to encourage the common development of both the company as well as its employees. The company commits to set up an learning organization that employs a comprehensive talent cultivation system that is specifically tailored for its employees.