D3 Power Generation Ltd. (D3) is located in the Delimara Power Station. It was originally established in 2012 by Enemalta and began its commercial operation in December of 2012. Currently, it owns 8 units of 18V46 Wartsila diesel engines and one Dresser Rand 13MW steam turbine, having a maximum power output of 152.8MW, and a proposed generating efficiency of 49%. It is currently the most efficient plant unit on the island.

In order to optimize the energy infrastructure in Malta and produce electricity with better efficiency, lower costs and greener fuel, based on the agreement, D3 Power Generation Ltd. has started the work for the gas conversion project since 2015- converting eight 18V46 internal combustion engines from HFO to four 18V50DF and four 18V50SG, with rated output of 152.8MW and generating efficiency of 50%. The EPC contractor is Shanghai Electric Power Engineering (Malta) Ltd. The conversion project commenced on 16th May 2016, and commissioned in August 2017. The Emission of units after the conversation is far below the limit set by European and Maltese government.